We are a group of designers and engineers who live to problem-solve & create solutions. A product development consultancy based in Indianapolis, IN born from an inimitable passion for improving the human experience. Whether it’s sketching new concepts to visualize your idea or getting your documentation buttoned up, our teams depth and versatility is apparent in every project that we engage in. Sit down with us for an hour and you will realize why Wave is the team you can trust to drive your success.

Innovative solutions are born from Innovative methodologies.


Wave is built on the foundation that products must be human-centered.  Solving the technical problem isn’t enough; your solution must also be intuitive & make a positive connection.  Which is why our team is poised to go beyond the product specifications -  we research you, your end-users, your competitors, & your market.  We prototype early so we can feel the weight, interact with the materials, illuminate our failures/successes, & iterate quickly.  Our processes reduce risk, keep you informed, & give rise to meaningful solutions.  We fuse design-thinking & a “get your hands dirty” attitude with serious engineering horsepower to build products that people love to use.